Aug 11, 2013
Steve Gomez - Chief Investigator

What Color is YOUR Parachute (And Does it Come with a Machine Gun?)

Five Mobsters who Retired in Style!

ParachuteCrime does NOT pay. Let’s all go on the record with that.

The bad guys always get caught, good always triumphs over evil, and the Santa rewards good kids with presents and bad kids coal.

There! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s imagine that, well… for some crime just MIGHT pay.

Most of the time the road that runs through organizeMi Cd crime ends with a bullet in the tender places. For a few lucky ones, the true “Wise Guys,” crime was just as good, if not better, than a 401K. And quite possibly more legit!

Here are a few who got out of the racket while the getting was still relatively good.
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Jul 24, 2013
Steve Gomez - Chief Investigator

To Hell With the Calories! The Last Meal of Ten Famous Criminals

last mealFor some people, it’s deep dish pizza, and for others it is Kansas City BBQ. Some guys have a deadly passion for food truck tacos and I know more than one lady who would kill for milk chocolate.

Seriously. Kill.

But what do you do when your next meal is really and truly your last. Do you go out with a bucket of wings and beer or do you do it right with a Kobe beef and those little roasted potatoes? Make sure that you choose wisely, because your meal might stay on your palate and into the great unknown.

Below are ten individuals who ordered a la carte from the Grim Reaper and one lucky stiff whose life was spared for his gastronomical choice. Learn from their example and enjoy each meal as your last, because who knows…?
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Jul 16, 2013
Steve Gomez - Chief Investigator

Decoder Ring Theatre – The Best of Light-Hearted Noir Takes to the “Air”

Decoder Ring TheaterThey lurk in the shadows of Toronto and travel by rooftop, protecting the innocent citizens of Canada’s brightest city from the darkest threats villainy has to throw at them.

They collect clues and analyze evidence to bring evildoers to the harsh light of justice, and along the way manage to make time for a sarcastic throw-away line or the odd cup of lightly-roasted Ethiopian Harrar.

They are the characters of Decoder Ring Theatre, and twice a month, their stories brighten any traffic-laden commute.

Decoder Ring Theatre first saw light in 1999 as a six-part mini-series of comic adventure radio programs. Led by writer Gregg Taylor, the troupe produced the original Red Panda series as satirical takes on World War Two pulp heroes. In the early series the Red Panda was partnered with a young male sidekick called The Flying Squirrel, who would later be changed to his female chauffeur. The original series was engaging and lighthearted, but sillier than the later versions and never made it to air.

As a complement to the Red Panda series, half of Decoder Ring’s broadcast season is devoted to Black Jack Justice, a podcast in old-time radio show detective format.
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Jul 2, 2013
Steve Gomez - Chief Investigator

Know It When You See It! What Makes A Noir Story A Noir Story?

Peter LorreWhen asked to describe pornography, Justice Potter Stewart described his threshold test for obscenity in a famous speech, saying that he “knew it when he saw it.”

That’s also a pretty good method of describing Noir.

There’s a femme fatale and a fedora wearing detective except when there’s no femme fatale and fedora wearing detective.

It is black and white, except when it isn’t, and most importantly, it involves murder. Or it doesn’t.

Who really knows?

The best description of Noir is that it is a feeling, a style of telling a story. It is dark in nature, hence the name, and the outcome, even on the rare occasion when it is positive, is not positive for all.

I could attempt to go into further detail, but others have already done so, in a better fashion than I could do so myself.
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Jun 27, 2013
Steve Gomez - Chief Investigator

Make a Million Dollars Overnight – 6 of the Most Successful Jewel Thieves Ever!

Noir FactoryWhen you think of Jewel Thieves, images of Cary Grant sporting a black turtle neck and leaping from building to building while the French police follow in futility come to mind.

Or maybe that’s just me.

At any rate, few things in the criminal world bring the WOW factor as the international jewel thief!

The truth about any good enterprise is that you need to have a good plan and the ability to execute it in order to achieve success.

Below are some examples of dedicated individuals who planned, worked, and most importantly, ran, all with the expectation of making crime pay.

A lot.
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